I say cherry pick what you like and do what makes you comfortable. Nonetheless, one’s decision to convert can be made with greater confidence and ease if grounded in a sound understanding of the religion. If you are never going to marry him, leave him. I'm Jewish (more culturally identified like your BF) and married to a non-Jewish guy. If you know you two aren't going to get married right away, you have time to do research and talk to several people about and then you'll have a better understanding. It won't happen in our lifetimes, but someday there may be nobody left who fits our conception of Jewish. Take the time to read and study the Qur'an. It's not like that at all. There is something very deep and quietly alluring about it, but not easy or flashy, and at times it can be antiquated and dysfunctional. My problem is that in Islam a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man – any marriage which takes place is invalid. Even though I'm not a Catholic, I am still proud of my upbringing and I'm glad my parents pulled me out of public school. (continued)If you are not born into it, and do not grow up with it, how could you possibly achieve the cultural norms? ;) I would also like to note that I said I am AGNOSTIC. To Jennifer:Actually, the family stuff on MY side gets smoothed out. Now about your case, dont be shy at all to tell your boyfriend that you are converting. We all wish the worldwide Ummah (Muslim community) were united. And hope you're OK with the kids being automatically assigned to a religion. Fortunately, there are several bay area congregations that are open to mixed religion couples so I dont believe conversion is neccessary unless you plan to raise your kids jewish. Not so sad because your boyfriend won't accepto Islam. Me and my boyfriend broke up. As an atheist I'd convert to save my life, or anyone elses for that matter, but I wouldn't just because someone wanted me to. It's not about you and him, but the environment in which you will seek to maintain your relationship. Im not particularly religious at all so does it matter? Happiness, tranquillity and inner peace and can be achieved by converting to Islam. Author, Human Rights Lawyer, Visiting Fellow, Harvard University’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal School of Islamic Studies, Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. I'm not into perfunctory behavior to make things superficially ok. If we were more serious I would consider looking into the religion because for me it's about caring about the person and I am "up in the air" when it comes to religions. I have been reading and looking into things, but I haven't had my moment of complete certainty yet. My cousin (Jewish) married a woman who's Chinese American, and she didn't convert either...but now, five years later, she's taking classes at the synagogue and is really interested in possibly converting. Personally, I think that it is hypocritical, not so much of the person converting, but of the family who asks that person to do so in the form of an ultimatum. My boyfriend and I have just become much more serious recently. Anywhoo...here is my 2 cents. And there are rabbis that will do interfaith weddings.In the meantime, is this a deal-breaker for your boyfriend? My mom didn't convert, I didn't either. Some see their family research Islam for themselves to learn more, and others see family members become Google scholars to find all sorts of anti-Islam propaganda written by extremists and Islamophobes. It's awesome that he's not pressuring you to convert, shows that he's an independent thinker. But it's great because she speaks highly of his and he respects hers, and they find a way to meet somewhere in the middle. My wife is Catholic and I didn't switch. I had a really serious boyfriend for whom I considered converting to Judaism. I believe in God but I don’t believe in different religious groups however I am willing to look in to Islam just for my boyfriend but I don’t find the motivation in my boyfriend’s character or behaviours towards me or other human beings. I am liking what Tom is suggesting. She had no religion and no real ties to any holidays. If you're a woman -- find out if the mosque you're interested in even has a place for women to pray (some unfortunately don't). I’ve lived a life of sin. One should convert to Islam for God and God alone. This is something only you can gauge. That is definitely something I will look into because I have been under the impression that it is a must for the children to really be considered Jewish. :), I cannot think of a stupider idea. One day, as he joined my school friends during a “study party” while he was visiting me at school, I looked over at his iPad to see what he was doing in order to keep himself occupied. As a practicing Muslim who's made the conscious choice to follow Islam, I figured I'd been down a road Adam was looking to begin traveling. It is like a good form of Karate I think, or learning a musical instrument. Or if you decided against it, why and how did that turn out?The discussion is not strictly limited to Judaism. I could get a piece of paper declaring myself Chinese but that does not make it so.Jewishness if a grab bag of different issues: religious belief, religious rituals, a couple languages, history, certain civil entitlements (e.g. Reet, unfortunately, not all Muslims are a good representation of what Islam is and from what you say, your boyfriend has some traits that are extremely disliked in Islam. I don't go to services and I only do Shabbat here and there. We aren't exactly in a rush. IF you are really doing Shabbat every Friday night, there is a little more going on than just the "cultural aspect". Hello, I’m a catholic girl wanting to convert to Islam. You might not like it,but there it is. We are Jewish because we choose to be Jewish. this sent roomie into a tizzy, as she heavily identified with the traditions of the reform religion. labels. tired. Follow. In a word, everything. Sadly, one problem that my friend had for a long time was that once people found out she wasn't born Jewish, they always viewed her as "the convert". For me, I had to sign a contract with the Catholic Church stating that we will raise our kids catholic (which I don't have a problem with how ever I do not agree with all the catholic teachings). As Muslims we are advised to recite this book daily. I noticed that ever since they've been together, she's become more religious in her own beliefs. Yes, a tree decked  out in blue, white & silver. you're asian ...... he's jewish ......your kids are going to be successful doctors ! I personally would never convert just for him or his parents. Don't let anyone rush you, and don't rush yourself. If Obama can be President, how could anyone lament that times have change?There is perhaps some benefit to studying Judaism, and learning the practices. To Amy R.:I honestly do not know if I want to convert. My own grandfather spent 15 years studying before committing himself to Islam. The duty towards humanity includes giving charity regularly, paying the Zakaat when applicable, and living a life dedicated to the service of all humanity -- Muslim or non-Muslim, believer or non-believer. The best thing to do would ask Allah (swt) to guide your heart in the right direction. So this is what I've been putting Adam through. Shouldn't one only convert to a belief because they are moved to do so by a belief, and not a person? just don't try and date a Muslim as a Jews. I also make the traditional food sometimes likes latkes, sufganiyot, and challah for shabbat. If he's actually not religious, just culturally Jewish (I fall into the same category), why is it so important for him to have a Jewish wife? To Marie K.:Well, like I said we aren't in any rush. It's based on a story in Yiddish by Shalom Alechem, so it's very authentic. I just feel like that is not what religion is about. I'm Jewish because my mother is Jewish, but she married a Presbyterian whose only yarmulke is the skin one that has been rapidly expanding on the top of his head for the last forty years. They're not all in English. Note that it's a lot harder to be "passable" when hiding your lady bits. Best wishes. So in my life, I have attended Catholic Mass and Synagogue. One of the meanings of Islam is sincerity. So he is NOT forcing me to discard my own beliefs for a marriage. Something about Jewish boys in their yamakas is kind of exciting I think. Every Muslim has their duty towards God and their duty towards humanity. There are fewer and fewer people in the world who are 100% Jewish. Take the time to scrutinize Islam yourself and understand its teachings and history in detail. For Adam, fasting (especially last Ramadan with its 17-hour fasts) and praying five times a day on time were major adjustments. Who is Getty Lee? I'd hope that a rabbi with integrity wouldn't convert you if you weren't into it anyway. I wanted to learn how to perform Salah. let's be lesbians! My advice is simple:  Don't convert, you will regret it. To my surprise, I soon saw I would never have to present him anything. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend who is a Muslim for almost a year now. Now that we live in the bay area (Walnut Creek to be exact), there is a much smaller jewish population or jews are "in the closet" here, many of the jewish cultural norms that exist in LA, are not apparent here, and in order to "connect" with fellow jews, it is neccessary to get involved in a temple. It's really not a big deal. None of these things bother me. 8. Thats the best advice I can give. None. 1. It's not just Jews. If you are not sincere in your belief then its no use if you convert to Islam. But my advise to you is do some research. I went through Catholic school, and they made me go to confirmation classes when I was 16 even though they are aren't very religious and knew that I was agnostic. We're raising our son Jewish, but my husband isn't interested in converting. Judaism, like every other religion, needs to change with the times in order to remain relevant. Are you aware of the role of a Muslim wife? Reform Judaism makes it ok to have inter-faith marriages, but that doesn't change the tradition of Jewish law, which says it's all down to the mother. Ultimately, though, God is your final witness. But we haven't really gotten as far as what we would do if I said no, I think I will bounce that off him later tonight. That way, if you ultimately decide to accept Islam, you will have done so after experiencing various worldviews, rather than studying them later as a mere thinking exercise. I was able to find a jewish officiant to marry us, and we had a jewish wedding....some highlights included breaking the glass, and hava negila with us being carried on chairs. If what bothers you is the "converting" I'd suggest slowly look into it. I do that every day going to work, so why not.Personally, I'd be offended if someone not of my faith pretended to be just to get benefits. Will you be prepared to observe veil (hijab)? There are extremes in all religions though, so make sure you avoid pairing up with anyone with strong beliefs to which you are opposed.
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